GED Test on the Computer

GED testing centers across the country are committed to helping those without a high school education obtain their GEDs, in order to open up opportunities for them in the workforce and to assist them in furthering their education. The GED program reaches out to nearly forty-million Americans who do not possess a high school diploma, and computer testing allows them to do it, making it even easier for those who lack a high school education to take the GED test.

The 2002 Series GED Test is easy to register for and taking the test is relatively simple. The fee to take the test is small; it’s generally between $100-$150. The fee is paid upon registration for the test. The waiting period between registration and the actual testing date is much shorter than it is for the written test, as computer examinations can be given at almost any time. For most testing centers, the tests are given between 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday – Friday.

You will no longer need to use test booklets and the entire test is given on the computer. Unlike the written version, you’ll be able to move on from one section to another without having to wait for the rest of the test-takers to finish. You’ll be able to type your essay (which makes it a lot easier to edit and which many find more comfortable than writing by hand), and after taking the test, you will immediately receive your grades in all subject areas except the essay (the results of which section you will receive within three days).

To see when and where the GED computer test is offered in your area, go to


* If you have taken a pencil-and-paper version of the test before, you will need to use the same ID number from that version when taking the computer version.

* To obtain your GED, you still must take the test in person. The computer program cannot be taken from home.

* You must provide a valid form of picture ID before taking the test.

* The test is available in Spanish and will soon be available in French.

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